Exam Week - by Helen He

It's definitely the most frustrating time of year with its myriad of AP exams, semester exams, and essays that students have to perform well on. But it's unavoidable, because this stress week is basically synonymous with "end of school." Now, what does this have anything to do with Spell Success? May 28 was our last meeting of the 2010-2011 spelling season, and our brilliant teacher decided to give us a Spelling Bee exam! Not to worry though, it wasn't for a grade :P It was just a fun activity to get people used to asking questions during a spelling bee. This will prepare us for the REAL spelling bee we're having in August. The atmosphere at the practice bee was playful and relaxed as people took turns trying to spell challenging words. The words were taken from last year's national spelling bee list, as well as the past lessons we've done here at spell success. Today was a really fun and exciting class!

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