Spelling Tip — ie and ei Words in 2011 NSB

Last year, we saw a high percentage of ie and ei words at the Scripps National Spelling Bee. 49 out of the 767 given words have the ie or ei vowel pattern. In fact, these devious vowel patterns shattered the dreams of three top spellers during the Championship Rounds. Samuel Estep missed bondieuserie in Round 8, Nabeel Rahman missed dockmackie in Round 9, and fellow Texan Mashad Arora missed samiel in Round 10.

To the right are all the ei and ie words in last year’s National Spelling Bee. Please include these in your study lists if you haven’t done so already. Please read my post on our blog site titled “Rule Breakers” for a detailed discussion on this group of words. 

Fun fact: the chances of getting an ei or ie word in last year’s National Spelling Bee were 6%. For some strange reason, Joanna Ye kept getting many of these words, but none caused any problems for her. Great job, Joanna!

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